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We innovate solutions to your problems.

We engineer the technology you need.

We design your global image.

We enable you to grow.

Potential Studio

Media & Technology

For your company

Why us?

At Potential Studio we like to work directly with the client and share the same goals. We listen to your needs and find solutions together. We discuss every feature to make sure we are headed in the right direction. We do exactly what you need.

If you have a company that is ready to expand

We can build your online image (website, social networks, search results, referrals)

Set up the infrastructure (internal tools and technology, logistics, organization)

Manage the advertising and client sources (text, social and video campaigns)

If you are already established on the internet

We can broaden your online presence (different countries, new social networks)

Provide new tools that may increase productivity (internal tools and technology)

Extend advertising channels and client sources (improve or expand ad campaigns)

We will make your business grow.

Human-computer interaction

We developed this Human-Computer Interaction software to provide a better way to interact with mobiile devices. This technology allows for the inclusion of 3D screens in tablets or phones, replacing the touch-screen interface by a similar tridimensional interface that includes depth.

Augmented reality

We made this software for a marketing company called Lhymo media labs. This program can load 3D computer models of objects and display them on top of different image markers as if they were holograms.


This videogame is a demo we created in order to improve our skills and push the graphics to the limit. It is a multiplayer facebook 3D game developed in Unity, using C# and Cg/HLSL gpu code.



for your company

Nicolas Klein

Business and Development

I am both a business student and a developer. I always had a passion for development and projects and I have started my own businesses. I have a vast experience in software and other projects and I will be more than happy to share that experience with passionate entrepeneurs. Look at my resume and please feel free to email me if you are looking for advice on your business.

Nicolas Soler

IT and Server infrastructure

I am an Electronics Engineering student at UTN, and I am always looking for new challenges. Here at Potential Studio, that's exactly what we do! Always with a focus on innovation. You can take a look at my resume, and you are welcome to contact me.

Brian Bokser

Full-Stack Development

I am currently starting at UBA (Buenos Aires University) as a Computer Science student. I have always had a passion for ICT and science and I enjoy learning about new technologies. This passion encourages me to provide great value for our clients. Take a look at my resume, feel free to contact me for any doubts you may have!

Martin Feldsztejn

Front-end Development

I am an Information Technology student. I am always trying to innovate, I am very enthusiastic and a quick learner. My goal is to be able to learn as much as I can about technology. Here is my resume. You are welcome to contact me if you would like.

Lucas Roitman

Project Manager

I am currently a student at Stanford University, and I am project manager at Potential Studio. I believe we can provide entrepreneurs with great tools to achieve their dreams. That is why I have created a great multidisciplinary group that will contribute to your projects and help in everything your company needs. Have a look at my resume/portfolio. I work with many other artists, programmers, designers, entrepreneurs and marketers to deliver full support to our solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any question.


Online presence

for your company


We work with designers, artists and user experience engineers. We are especially great at making visual art and technology work together seamlessly, applying the latest marketing strategies and social connectivity to create a strong online presence for your business.


Potential Studio uses private linux servers backed by amazon cloud technology. This ensures the service we provide is secure and reliable. We can offer great quality hosting at affordable prices.


If you would like to register your own domain for your company (for example or, you can do so very easily with us. We can manage and connect it to our hosting for seamless integration. We will work with you to find the best domains for your company.


We can deliver exceptional search-engine-optimized, customer-attractive relevant text content for your websites, so that your potential customers reach your website organically from google and social networks.



for your company


We work with many technologies. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Java applications, we are ready to deliver! They will be seamlessly integrated with your company website and image.


Whether you target small, mid or big-sized devices is not an issue in this century. All our user interfaces are automatically adapted to all screen sizes to take advantage of the last pixel! We make use of features like multi-touch support, GPS, accelerometers and all that modern tablets can offer.


Smart Television is taking over: screens are becoming intelligent and they are starting to integrate small computers in them. We will allow you to take advantage of that and deploy software and advertising to those new devices, therefore earning an advantage over competitors.


If you want software for a blender machine, no problem! A program running in a car on-board screen? That is fine with us. We manage lots of embedded technologies such as java, .net, native C/C++, and extremely inexpensive hardware allows us to make robots or mini computers to place virtually anywhere!



for your company


Marketing is crucial for your business to succeed. We use a proven scientific empiric approach to research your intended market and suggest adaptations in business strategy, website design, content or media.


Your brand will be everywhere: on facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, and every major social network. We create profiles, publish content periodically and give your company full visibility through all means. We have experience with SEO and SEM, as well as paid advertising on facebook and other networks.


If your business is based around a physical product, or alternatively, if you have to create a package design, we can do that for you. It will be efficient, high quality and visually attractive. We design it on the computer and then send it to our partner agencies for printing.


This is another area we excell at. We make stands and kiosks for exhibits, conferences and events. All our skills with interactive experiences exhibit mastery of the subject, creating immersive environments, stimulating banners, computer vision, augmented reality and lots of other resources that will be handy in making the customer interested in your company.

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